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Leesburg Premier Dental is constantly working to reach, improve and exceed expectations. We take tremendous pride in the work that we do, and we’re thrilled to be a part of a wonderful community of staff and patients that truly feels like family. The happiness of our patients is our number one priority. Offering an incomparable and unbeatable dental experience is a consistent goal that we strive for with each individual patient, and that’s why our positive feedback is music to our ears. Take a look at what our patients have to say about our efforts. We hope you’ll come see the LPD difference for yourself!

“Dr. Aman is a wonderful Dentist. He is a professional and patient person. I'm not comfortable being in dentist chair I hate needles and most of all any pain but the doctor make me feel at ease to get the job done. Thank you! I have and will continue to pass along his expertise to whomever that need a Great Dentist. My family and I are truly thankful that we have such an affordable place to go to when we need assistance. Thanks Dr. Aman!”
-Lakeisha Valentine



“At a young age, nobody likes visiting the dentist's office. It took a few tries for me to find the perfect fit. Dr. Aman is a charismatic, thoughtful, and cooperative dentist who makes every dental visit as painless and enlightening as possible. He builds good interpersonal communication and relationships with each and every one of his patients. He's very artistic bringing a new grace to dentistry and also detail oriented. Being communicable and easy to speak to, patients have an easy time expressing their concerns of their teeth to him. Dr. Aman is a natural leader and has a great clarity of vision making him extremely efficient. His practice is structured for success!”



“I've received multiple treatments from Dr. Aman, which consisted of regular teeth cleanings and oral surgery. He's by far one of the best dentists I've had. Dr. Aman is very understanding and gentle when using his tools. I've never had a bad experience and love looking forward to getting my teeth cleaned.”
- Basia Brown



“Growing up in VA I have visited several dentists and cannot be any more pleased with the service provided by Dr. Aman. I got my first wisdom tooth pulled at age 14 and I still remember the pain and horrifying day it was. Since then I am paranoid about going to the dentist. After doing some research, I took my family's recommendation and made an appointment to visit Dr. Aman. He is a very caring professional gifted with truly amazing hands. As we all know the pain of getting wisdom tooth pulled, my experience with Dr. Aman was wonderful. I had Dr. Aman pull two of my wisdom teeth and I did not feel even an inch of pain. I walked out happy and pain free. Now I'm a regular patient of Dr. Aman and I'm glad to have found Dr. Aman for all my dental treatment. He is a highly rated dentist in town and I recommend everyone to visit Dr. Aman.”
-Sadia A.



“Simply amazing experience. I've been going to Dr. Aman for over five years now and am very pleased with the care provided. I have been to other dentists in the past and always faced many issues regarding insurance claim, out of pocket cost and most importantly I felt that I was always under pressure to take of everything all at once. Always given a list of things with an urgency to make an appointment to have them taken care of as soon as possible. After changing few dentists I finally found Dr. Aman and haven't felt the need to change dentist again. I am extremely happy now and do not feel pressured to have things done even if I needed to pay out of pocket. Dr. Aman is extremely dedicated to his profession and I highly recommend everyone looking for the best friendly family dentistry.”
- Amena



“This is the best dental practice, I have ever been to! Dr. Aman was very friendly, helpful and treated me with utmost care. I have gotten two Root Canals Treatment there and both are fine. The office was very clean, the staffs were pleasant and helpful, and I enjoyed the time there during treatment as well as waiting. Dr. Aman was extremely helpful, very caring and professional. Beautiful office with modern massage chairs and state of the art equipment! My 8-year-old son loved the doctor too. He enjoyed watching his favorite cartoon on the overhead TV while the work got done. I was surprised how Dr. Aman kept him engaged during his entire treatment procedure. Now he is no more afraid of going to the dentist.”
- David



“Unlike other dentists I've had, Dr. Aman made me feel comfortable from the very beginning. I've had braces for two years and regular check ups throughout my life. Some wouldn't even look up from their file and talk face to face with me before doing their work. Dr. Aman greeted me with a smile and spoke to me like a regular person rather than a patient.

My orthodontist would ask me questions while fixing my braces, and I couldn't even manage a yes or a no. As uncomfortable as this was, they'd continue with their questions. But Dr. Aman was very professional and kind. He does his job very efficiently, carefully, and does not make me do anything uncomfortable like answering questions when I'm unable to. It's these small things that made my experience with him as my dentist a pleasant one rather than an uncomfortable one.”
- Zarrin



“- Very professional and honest. He is an expert in all kinds of dental treatment. Highly recommend Dr. Aman based on his vast experiences.”
- Sharif



“Dr. Aman is fantastic. He takes the time to really explain your options. My main fear was the pain and he took care of that really professionally.
Dr. Aman is just the nicest person. He has excellent bedside manners. He really took the time to listen to my concerns, as well as make sure I understood procedures and results. The staffs as well as the doctor are awesome. They make you feel right at home. Appointments are easy to get and you don't have to wait long to be seen. I highly recommend Dr. Aman.”
- Niaz Zaman



“Dr. Aman was my dentist here in Massachusetts. I liked the fact that he explained everything before he began working. I never felt pain and he made me feel completely comfortable during every session. Along with modern repairs and replacements, Dr. Aman resolved an unattractive and embarrassing dental issue, which restored my smile and self-confidence. I will always be grateful to him.”
- Kevin Fair



“My family and me have been going to Dr. Aman for over five years now. Dr. Aman provides excellent service and the atmosphere is extremely friendly and relaxing. After moving to Loudoun County, I took my kids to a nearby dentist for their first visit as a new patient. The doctor provided me with list of things that needed to be done. Some were cavities and most were recommendation to change all the silver fillings to white fillings. I did not feel the need for that, as they were not causing any issues. However, according to the doctor the newest fillings are much better as they match with tooth color and the silver fillings are getting old. After feeling the pressure to have them changed by the doctor, I ended up with several thousands to pay out of pocket. It was not only a bad experience, it also cost me more than I needed to spend to see a dentist. With Dr. Aman I'm never under pressure as his experienced staff checks everything with my insurance prior to making an appointment. Recently I was under excruciating pain with a chipped tooth and I called the office for an early appointment. Dr. Aman was able to fit me in with his busy schedule and took care of my problem the same day. He treats my problems as his own and his patients are always his top priority. All of my family members are extremely happy with Dr. Aman and the staff. I recommend all my family and friends to visit Dr. Aman for excellent care and service.”
- Kabir




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