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    Smile Makeovers

    If you have problems with your teeth that make you dislike your smile, there are numerous cosmetic dental options that can help. Veneers can improve the look of the teeth that show when you smile, crowns can restore decayed or broken teeth, whitening can brighten your smile and bonding can fill gaps. But what if you need multiple procedures, or are not sure what you need to make your smile better? You might be a candidate for a complete smile makeover.

    Smile makeovers involve multiple procedures to completely correct cosmetic issues, restore damaged teeth, straighten teeth and restore the entire mouth to full function and good looks. Dr. Aman in Leesburg can provide a smile makeover and give you the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

    A smile makeover starts with a dental exam to determine what problems you have, and a consultation between you and Dr. Aman to discuss the results you hope to achieve. Dr. Aman will advise you on your options, and together you will formulate a smile makeover plan. Because multiple procedures may be involved, the process may take several months to complete. A smile makeover could include cosmetic procedures like veneers or teeth whitening, as well as restorative procedures like crowns, white fillings, dentures, bridges or implants. The entire plan will be made out at the beginning of the process so that you will know what will happen at each step of the makeover.

    A smile makeover can be much more than just cosmetic. Crooked teeth, decayed teeth, cracked teeth, missing teeth and teeth that are spaced too far apart all have oral health consequences. What we consider to be a nice smile has fully functioning teeth that are positioned for optimum cleaning to keep the gums healthy. If you don’t have a nice smile, then something is wrong that can make cleaning harder, spread decay and eventually lead to tooth loss. This is why you should never think of cosmetic dentistry as something that’s just for your looks: Cosmetic dentistry nearly always has oral health benefits too.

    If you are interested in learning more about smile makeovers, call Dr. Aman’s office in Leesburg to set up a consultation appointment.