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  • Dental Implants

    Dental Implants

    Implants are a long lasting solution to replace missing or damaged teeth teeth. When there is not enough bone for full implants, mini implants offer a great choice.

    Lost teeth used to mean dentures or partials, held in place by adhesive or wires and a little bit of good luck. Today, dental implants are available and offer a permanent solution for missing teeth. There are several different options for dental implant restoration, from implants that hold dentures in place to full implants that secure artificial teeth in the mouth permanently.

    Implants work by using titanium, one of the world’s strongest metals, as posts that are implanted into the jaw bone through the gums. In time, the titanium posts fuse to the bone and serve the same function as tooth roots. With full implants, a connecting piece called an abutment is attached to the top of the post that comes up through the gums, and an artificial tooth is attached to the abutment. These artificial teeth do not come out, and caring for them is as easy as caring for natural teeth.

    “Missing one of my laterals was devastating. It not only affected my appearance, but my confidence as well. Getting a dental implant with Dr. Aman was definitely the right choice. It looks and feels just like my old smile did!”

    – Stephen, Leesburg, VA

    In an ATV accident the year before, Stephen lost one of his front teeth. “I looked into a partial denture and a dental bridge to fill the gap, but I was worried they’d be obvious replacements. Then I learned about dental implants from Dr. Aman.”

    During his consultation at Leesburg Premier Dental, Dr. Aman took x-rays to determine that Stephen was a candidate for a dental implant. “Initially, I was worried about the cost, but LPD worked with me to make a payment plan after we decided this was my best option.”

    Once his dental implant was complete with a dental crown, Stephen says he finally feels like himself again. “After everything I went through with the accident, missing my tooth was the last thing to repair. It feels good to look like myself again and to have a permanent fix for my smile. Dr. Aman was awesome!”

    Full implants are not always possible, because a patient must have enough bone left in their jaws for the implants to fuse to. When you lose teeth, the bone that held them in place begins to deteriorate, so some people who would like to get dental implants may not be able to get them due to too much bone loss. There are other types of implants, however, for people with less bone. Mini implants are posts that dentures snap on to, to keep them far more secure than adhesive can. Mini implants involve the placement of four small implants in the upper or lower jaw. The dentures are designed to snap on securely to the posts. While these are removable dentures that are cleaned like traditional dentures, when you are wearing them, they will be secure and not slip or slide the way that adhesive-secured dentures often do.

    Mini implants are often a good choice for people who lost their natural teeth long ago and may not have enough bone for full implants. The first step in getting implants is to call our Leesburg office for a consultation appointment. Dr. Aman will examine your teeth, gums and mouth and ask you questions about your health history in order to determine if you may be a good candidate for implants.

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