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    Preventive Care & Checkups

    The term “family dentistry” refers to a dentist or dental office that offers dental services to people of all ages. For many families, having one dentist for everyone in the family is desirable. A good family dentist will have the education and skills to provide dental treatment to children, teens, adults and seniors. Family dentists like Dr. Aman in Leesburg focus on prevention to keep their patients’ teeth healthy and reduce the chances of problems arising.

    Preventive dentistry involves regular dental check ups and services like cleanings and the applications of sealants. At a dental checkup, Dr. Aman examines the patient’s mouth and looks for signs of cavities, decay or other problems that could become serious if not treated. Simple treatments for gingivitis or cavities can be performed in the office. Regular check ups at least once a year can catch trouble before it gets out of hand and greatly reduce the chances of needing complex dental procedures.

    Professional teeth cleaning can provide fluoride to fight cavities and give your teeth and mouth a thorough cleaning to prevent the growth of bacteria. Good oral hygiene at home is also important, and you should not think that because you have regular cleanings you can skip brushing and flossing at home. Brushing and flossing at least once and preferably twice a day will keep food particles from remaining between your teeth and leading to bacterial growth and gum disease.

    Dental sealants can protect teeth from bacteria, and they are especially helpful for children’s teeth. Usually placed on the back teeth that are involved in chewing, sealants are plastic coatings that help to block food particles from entering the tiny grooves in those teeth that can be difficult to reach with a toothbrush.

    If you are looking for a family dentist in Leesburg, you can call for an appointment to meet with Dr. Aman and discuss the ways that he can help your family to have good oral health.