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  • Sports Dentistry – Dental Mouthguards

    Sports Dentistry – Dental Mouthguards

    Safety comes first in sports. Get your custom dental mouthguards to protect your teeth.

    If you are an athlete or ever participate in contact sports, you may be interested to know that there is a branch of dentistry that is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of mouth injuries that are caused by sports. The reason this branch, called sports dentistry, exists is because the problem of dental injuries to athletes is very common. Prevention is the key to reducing the number and severity of mouth and teeth injuries suffered by athletes. Most professional athletes wear mouthguards, and many amateur and school-level athletes are required to wear them. The problem for non-athletes is that though many people participate in sports casually, they rarely think they need a mouthguard. The truth is that injuries to the mouth and teeth can happen in any sport or physical activity, even a casual backyard football match between friends.

    Dental mouthguards protect the teeth and surrounding tissues by providing a cushion and shock absorption. A proper fitting mouthguard is essential to good protection. Mouthguards can be purchased in stores or custom made by a dentist like Dr. Aman. The downside to store-bought mouthguards is that they tend to be a one-size-fits-all variety. The fit for most people is actually very poor, which means the protection these mouthguards offer is limited. One type of mouthguard involves boiling it in water and then biting into it while it is softened to make it fit your mouth. This type of mouthguard may be superior to a one-size-fits-all type, but the best fitting mouthguard you can get is one that is custom made by a dentist.

    “Dr. Aman was able to protect our son’s smile with a custom mouthguard after he lost a tooth in a sports accident. Now, we’d never consider having any of our kids play sports without a custom mouthguard from Dr. Aman!”

    – Ivan, Ashburn, VA

    After Ivan’s son experienced an accident while playing soccer, he and his partner knew they needed a better mouthguard for their son. “After our son lost a tooth in soccer, we vowed never to go without a custom mouthguard again. We had a cheap one but turns out he wasn’t wearing it because it was so uncomfortable.”

    Another parent from the team recommended Dr. Aman for a custom mouthguard, so Ivan made an appointment. “Dr. Aman was great with our son. And he got a comfortable mouthguard that actually lets him breathe and protects his teeth! We feel much safer with him playing sports now.”

    Ivan says as soon as his other two kids are of age, he’ll bring them in for custom mouthguards as well. “No more lost teeth for us over sports. We’re very happy with Dr. Aman and his services.”

    To design a custom mouthguard for you, Dr. Aman will take impressions of your teeth and then make a mold for your mouthguard. The mouthguard made from this mold will fit you precisely. A custom mouthguard is also more comfortable to wear than a store-bought mouthguard that is likely to feel bulky.

    If you are interested in learning more about mouthguards and how they can protect you from injuries to your teeth and mouth, call Dr. Aman’s Leesburg office for a consultation appointment.

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