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    Are you concerned with the fit of your dentures? Implant-retained overdentures are a great solution that keep dentures in place.

    Teeth that fall out or have to be extracted due to decay should be replaced as soon as possible. Going without teeth, even one tooth, can cause problems with the entire structure of the teeth in your mouth. Over time, a missing tooth can cause other teeth to shift out of position. When a space exists where a tooth used to be, the area is difficult to clean properly and allows for bacterial build up, which can lead to gum disease. People who lose a front tooth or any tooth that shows when they smile usually want it replaced right away, but many people think a tooth missing in the back of the mouth is no great loss. In reality, replacing any lost tooth can keep all the other teeth in proper position and lead to a healthier mouth.

    When disease or decay causes many teeth to fall out, getting dentures or partial dentures is often the solution. If you need dentures or currently wear them, you may be concerned with fit, slippage and the use of adhesives to try to hold them in place. Many denture wearers have to use adhesive, sometimes more than once a day, to make their dentures stay in place. Loose dentures can cause embarrassment, make it hard to eat or allow food to get trapped between your denture and your gums. Eating hard foods or foods that contain nuts or seeds can become very painful with loose dentures. There is a solution for denture wearers that can keep dentures firmly in place until you take them out: Implant-retained overdentures.

    “Losing my teeth was the most embarrassing thing to happen to me. Dr. Aman worked with me to restore my smile and give me back my confidence. I’m very grateful for his help.!”

    – Gordon, Woodburn, VA

    As a result of smoking for decades, Gordon eventually lost all of his natural teeth. “It didn’t happen overnight. It was so gradual I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten until my front teeth fell out. It was terrible.”

    Gordon had advanced gum disease as a result of poor oral health and smoking cigarettes for so many years. With all his teeth gone, Gordon wasn’t sure where to turn.

    “I was too embarrassed to seek help, but I needed to be able to chew and speak. I finally reached out to Dr. Aman’s office and made an appointment.”

    Dr. Aman and Gordon talked about dentures to restore his smile. After getting a custom-fit, he returned to the office for his final fitting. “It’s crazy what a difference they make. They’ve changed my life. Thanks, Dr. Aman!”

    Overdentures can be full or partial. Metal posts are implanted into the jaw bone, and the dentures are specially designed to snap onto the tops of the posts. Implant-retained overdentures not only stay secure and don’t require adhesives; they also keep the bones under your gums from deteriorating. When you lose teeth, this bone begins to atrophy or deteriorate because it no longer has a job to do; the job of holding your tooth roots in place. The presence of implants slows the deterioration of the bones. This means you may not develop the sunken-faced look that denture wearers often have when they are not wearing their dentures.

    If you are a current denture wearer or if you are missing some teeth and are interested in hearing more about implant-retained overdentures, call Dr. Aman in Leesburg for a consultation appointment to discuss your options.

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