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  • Full Mouth Reconstruction

    Full Mouth Reconstruction

    The term full mouth reconstruction refers to a dental procedure that involves multiple treatments to restore the entire mouth to health, strength and good cosmetic appearance. A full mouth reconstruction can combine any dental procedures necessary to replace missing teeth, repair broken or decayed teeth, fix cosmetic issues, fill cavities or fix any other dental problems. The plan for a full mouth reconstruction is constructed for each patient individually by the dentist and the patient together. Dr. Aman in Leesburg offers full mouth reconstruction services for patients.

    If you have multiple issues with your teeth and feel overwhelmed by the thought of all that would need to be treated to give you a healthy and attractive smile, beginning a plan for a full mouth reconstruction can help you understand your treatment options and envision the individual steps and the outcome. Seeing how the reconstruction can work step-by-step can make it seem less daunting, and you will begin to see how your teeth can be saved and your smile transformed.

    Procedures included in a full mouth reconstruction can be restorative or cosmetic. Restorative procedures such as fillings or crowns are usually done first. If cosmetic procedures are desired, getting your teeth strong and healthy must come first to avoid problems later. If any teeth need to be replaced with dentures or implants, or if you need crowns to rebuild any broken or decayed teeth, the materials used to replace natural teeth cannot be whitened if you choose to have a teeth whitening done later. You can, however, choose crowns or tooth replacements in a certain color, and then have a whitening to make your natural teeth match. The goal of a full mouth reconstruction is to lay out the steps in the most effective order for achieving the healthy and beautiful smile that you want to have in the end.

    If you are not happy with your smile; if you have missing teeth, broken teeth, crooked teeth or cavities, a full mouth reconstruction could change your life and your health. Call Dr. Aman for a consultation appointment to discuss the possibilities of what a full mouth reconstruction can do for you.