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    TMJ Dentistry

    Pain in the jaws, neck pain, headaches, facial pain, difficulty opening and closing your jaws or clicking sounds when you open and close your mouth: All of these symptoms may be indicators of TMJ disorder. Your temporomandibular joints allow your jaws to open and close. When these joints get stressed, the result can be pain anywhere in your head or face, sometimes even extending to your neck and spine. Stress on the TM joints can be caused by natural wearing down of the soft tissue that cushions the joints or by injury, a bad bite, teeth grinding or teeth clenching. As a TMJ dentist, Dr. Aman in Leesburg offers treatment that can alleviate symptoms of TMJ disorder.

    The most common treatment for TMJ disorder is an oral appliance called a splint. This is similar to a mouthguard. Dr. Aman can customize a splint for you that will fit your mouth precisely. When you wear the splint, it helps your jaws to stay in the optimum position for comfort and stress-relief on the TM joints. You can wear the splint while you sleep to eliminate nighttime grinding or clenching and keep your jaws from being stressed overnight. If you wake up with headaches, neck pain or sore jaws, wearing a splint while you sleep can help you to sleep better and wake up without pain.

    If you have a bad bite, this means that your top and bottom teeth do not come together correctly. Sometimes a bad bite like an overbite is noticeable, but sometimes people with teeth that appear to be in normal may actually have a bite misalignment that can only be detected by a dental exam. A bad bite can cause or contribute to TMJ disorder. Having a bad bite corrected can relieve TMJ symptoms.

    If you have frequent headaches or face pain, a sore or clicking jaw or any other symptoms of TMJ disorder, call our office for a consultation to discuss your symptoms and possible solutions.