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  • Emergency Dental Care

    Emergency Dental Care

    In Pain? We are here for your urgent dental needs with same day emergency dental appointments. 

    Getting a tooth knocked out or experiencing sudden tooth pain can be extremely stressful. While dental trauma can happen from a variety of causes and sources, it is important to receive immediate, proper care to prevent further damage while providing necessary relief. If you should find yourself needing immediate assistance, the proficient team at Leesburg Premier Dental is here to help.

    “The crown on my dental implant came off suddenly one day. The implant is on my front tooth and I was so embarrassed! Dr. Aman got me in right away to fit me for a temporary crown and get a permanent one in the works. I’m so grateful he was able to help!”

    – Carrie, Waterford, VA

    Carrie lost one of her front teeth in an accident several years ago and got a dental implant to replace the missing tooth. “I love my dental implant, but when the crown came off, I panicked! I didn’t want anyone to see me with my missing tooth.”

    Carrie called the dentist who did the dental implants only to find that he couldn’t fit her in for an appointment until Monday. “I wasn’t waiting all weekend to get my crown replaced, so I needed another option.”

    Carrie called Dr. Aman who was able to fit her in that same day for a temporary crown. “Dr. Aman was a lifesaver. Thanks to him, he’s the only one that saw my missing tooth! I’m having him do my permanent crown as well so it won’t fall out again—no more missing teeth for me.”

    With same-day emergency appointments available at all locations, you can rest assured that your emergency does not have to become a disaster. We offer a wide range of dental treatments, such as fillings and root canal therapy, to help revitalize your smile in no time.

    For more information on emergency dental care and services at Leesburg Premier Dental, feel free to contact our offices directly.

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