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  • Root Canal Therapy

    Root Canal Therapy

    When a tooth is decayed down to its core, a root canal therapy can save it. Root canal cleans out the dead tissue at the center of the tooth and restores it. The result is a strong tooth that will function normally and can last a lifetime.

    Without root canal, a dead or dying tooth would need to be extracted, or it would eventually fall out on its own. This leaves an open space that can cause problems. When people face the prospect of losing a back tooth, often they are not concerned because a missing tooth in the back does not affect their smile. The problem is that just one missing tooth undermines the entire dental structure, and the other teeth can gradually begin to shift as well. Saving a bad tooth with a root canal will keep your teeth in proper alignment and enable you to continue to chew food, speak and clean your teeth without difficulty.

    With today’s technology, root canal therapy is a comfortable procedure for patients. The process involves making an opening in the tooth that is to be treated and cleaning out the pulp, which is the tissue at the center of the tooth. The dead and diseased tissue is removed, and the area is completely cleaned and disinfected. The tooth is filled with a strong material, and then sealed. A restoration of the outer tooth with a crown or filling may be necessary. This is usually done at a second appointment.

    Root canal is a highly successful procedure, and recovery time is quick. You can usually resume normal eating the day after a root canal procedure. With proper care, a tooth that has been treated with root canal therapy can last a lifetime without the need for further treatment.

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