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  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction

    Wisdom Teeth Extraction

    Experiencing wisdom teeth pain or discomfort? Dr. Aman can evaluate and determine if wisdom teeth extraction is the best option for your dental health.

    Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars we get, usually in our late teens or early 20s. They are nicknamed wisdom teeth because they come in around the time we reach adulthood. Despite their name, wisdom teeth are the most poorly designed teeth nature gives us. Very often, wisdom teeth come in at an incorrect angle. They can be pointed in the wrong direction, or even horizontal. It is also common for wisdom teeth to be impacted, which means that they are trapped partially or entirely under the gums.

    When wisdom teeth are positioned incorrectly, they must be removed. The complexity of the procedure depends on the positioning of the wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth extraction is sometimes recommended before problems develop, to make the removal easier. It is also a simpler procedure on younger patients than older ones, and younger patients usually recover more quickly.

    Wisdom Teeth

    The process of wisdom teeth removal is a simple extraction if the wisdom teeth are fully erupted. A local anesthetic is used to numb the area and the teeth are pulled. If the situation is complicated by the teeth being only partially erupted or trapped under the gums, the extraction will involve a minor surgical process. Sometimes the teeth will be removed in small portions, or removal of tissue or bone may be necessary to fully expose the teeth so they can be removed. In addition to local anesthetic, sedation with oral and inhaled medication, like nitrous oxide, can be used to make you completely relaxed and comfortable during the procedure.

    “My daughter had her wisdom teeth out at Leesburg Premier Dental and we are very happy with the services Dr. Aman provided. He walked us through the procedure and there were no complications afterwards. My daughter is all healed up and says she experienced very little pain!”

    – Michaela, Hamilton, VA

    When Dr. Aman saw Michaela’s daughter’s wisdom teeth on her x-rays, he knew they would eventually need to be extracted. “They were clearly impacted,” Michaela says. “We figured sooner rather than later would be better.”

    Dr. Aman recommended a surgery date based on how developed her teeth were for an easier extraction. The procedure was simple and her daughter reported an easy healing time. “I was worried about her, but it was unnecessary. She seemed totally fine.”

    Michaela and her daughter returned for a follow up appointment where her smile was determined to be totally healed. “I’m so happy her wisdom teeth didn’t have a chance to ruin her orthodontic work, thanks to Dr. Aman. We’re very pleased with how everything went and would absolutely recommend Leesburg Premier Dental!”

    If your wisdom teeth are positioned correctly, it is not necessary to have them removed, though Dr. Aman may recommend their removal to avoid problems in the future. The decision is ultimately up to you. If you are concerned about your wisdom teeth, you can call Dr. Aman’s Leesburg office to set up a consultation appointment. Dr. Aman can check your teeth to see if you have wisdom teeth and determine the condition they are in, and advise you on how keeping them or having them removed could affect your overall dental health.

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