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    Straight teeth may be taken for granted by people who have them, while people who have lived with crooked teeth may dream of having a straight and beautiful smile. For many people, making the dream come true would seem to involve the expense and hassle of wearing braces, probably for two years or even more. Fortunately there is another option. ClearCorrect aligners can straighten your teeth and give you a beautiful smile without metal, in fact, they are almost invisible.

    Traditional metal braces are the best way to correct a bad bite, but for moving teeth horizontally, closing gaps and making smiles straight and beautiful, ClearCorrect aligners can do the job while eliminating many of the bad things about braces. Braces hurt. It takes a new braces wearer awhile to adjust to living with, eating with and brushing their teeth with braces on. ClearCorrect are comfortable, and more importantly, they are removable. You take them off to eat and brush your teeth, so there is no struggle to do these things with them on.

    ClearCorrect: Before & After

    Braces can be an embarrassment for the wearer, regardless of their age. Adults may find them especially uncomfortable, because they are often seen as something more associated with children. ClearCorrect aligners are so clear that they are almost impossible to see unless someone is very close to the person wearing them. Even then, they are hardly noticeable.

    The best thing about ClearCorrect aligners is that they take less time to straighten the teeth than metal braces or clear braces do. Average treatment time for an adult is about a year. ClearCorrect treatment is done in phases, with each set of aligners being replaced as needed, about every three weeks.

    ClearCorrect is one of the most economical teeth straightening options available. If you would like more information, contact Dr. Aman’s office in Leesburg to set up a consultation appointment.