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  • Signs and Symptoms of Teething You May (and May Not) Notice

    Your baby is born with all their primary teeth already in their jaw. In rare cases, a child will be born with one or more visible teeth, but for the majority of parents, they won’t see their children’s teeth begin to come in until around the age of six months.

    Every baby is different and some children won’t have their first teeth begin to erupt until the age of one year or later. Any parent or caregiver who’s been around a fussy teething baby wants to know—how long is this going to last? Here’s what you need to know when it comes to the duration of your child’s teething pain!

    An article by Dr. Mohammad Aman.  Originally published by Your Dental Health Resource.

    Read the full article here: Signs and Symptoms of Teething You May (and May Not) Notice

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